Wood Pepper Mill By Maison Milan

Need is the Mother of Creativity

Recently I stumbled upon an article, covering a Q&A session with the Eames brothers in 1972 about What is design? I’m not here to try to answer this question myself, but my curiosity was triggered by one of the questions and even more so the, what looks like a simple answer, that followed:

We fell in love with Pablo Designs !

Ugo and I want to offer you novelties as frequently as possible and with this objective in mind, we sat together and composed a list of potential brands that share the same values as us. Companies with products that respect the intellectual property of their creator, have a timeless design, have a quality that endures time and that supports the best practices when it comes to their employees and environmental issues. All of the above, with the goal of encouraging better consumption that we believe should be more ethical and lasting.

At the beginning, there was a coffee cup

Perhaps my first article would be a good time to introduce myself! My name is Ugo Vachon, and I am what you could call a design aficionado. I crave authentic, original, and timeless designs. A year ago, my brother Olivier and I decided that we had to share our passion with the world (yes, the world!). Dreaming big never hurt anyone, especially when we are talking about globally designed items. We launched our website skedio.ca a few months ago with the promise to offer a selection of authentic design. Skedio is a customer-centric organization, focused on providing clients with a unique and tailored experience, as we aspire to make them part of our design family! We want to share with you our love for original objects and architecture, those which inspire us in our daily life. Have a good read!